there are billions of planets and galaxies and stars and life forms in our universe and some people believe there are only two genders

karkatraz said: Hey, Bunny, sorry if this has been asked before, but does it matter to you if people draw fanart of Rabbit's male version? I adore both versions with all of my heart and my friends and I might also want to draw and cosplay them as well. Is that okay with you? (I understand if not and I just want to make sure.)


Of course not! Folks have done a ton of art for Male Rabbit. You could draw Male Rabbit, Female Rabbit, Spine, David, and myself in a giant orgy fest if you wanted. It’s your art!

I don’t have the agenda or a right to stifle anyone’s creativity.

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I found the oldest recording of a song that I did last night.
This was done sometime around 2005.
Samuel Luke (our drummer) recorded this little ditty with me on his 4-track recorder.
It’s super shitty and I had never done anything like it before at the time.
You can totally hear me laughing and Sam telling me what to do…

I was playing acoustic guitar and he was playing electric with a little bit of keyboard.

I never would have thought that I’d be doing something like Steam Powered Giraffe back then…let alone performing music live. :/


Everyone be jealous. My otp sang to each other. 


when the person you hate tries joking with you



this is performance art



Lol my sister is throwing a tantrum because I closed a window

And you’re a piece of shit because I need that window to think now I’m in a dark room and I can’t write now go back upstairs you were adopted

Lol my sister is throwing a tantrum because I closed a window



I just made a collage of my new otp Spineworth.



I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t laugh
Because I did
Because did he just fucking….